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about stress, performance, + engagement in our everyday life


how it works

lmbk's AI-powered platform is informed by seamless stress tracking + performance monitoring through your favorite productivity platforms. we provide you + your team seamless feedback to increase productivity, reduce burnout, + increase engagement in your most valuable asset: your people.


securely download the lmbk platform

come on down, check out our beautifully simple platform + what see what we bring to the table in bringing your eq to the next level.


connect your device to the lmbk platform

byod (bring your own device) + see what all the hullabaloo is all about. don't have a top of the line garmin device yet? we can help.


seamlessly keep track of your stress + performance

learn what stresses you, your people, + receive curated content, cost-savings, + cool insights on reducing your stress.


our partners

we’re proudly backed by the most powerful sensors in stress tracking from our partners at garmin. find out more.


stress information would be very useful in our debriefs

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